Brand positioning, digital marketing, PR and content strategy

Ritu Kant Ojha brings 18 years of rich experience in media, public relations, and marketing communications to the table, offering a unique blend of expertise gained from working with top media brands, managing high-profile PR campaigns, and handling marketing communications for Fortune 500 companies. His profound editorial skills complement his ability to meticulously craft and execute strategies that significantly elevate a brand's presence and reputation. Specializing in global media relations across diverse sectors like Banking & Financial Services, Technology, ESG & Sustainability, Energy, Smart Cities, and Real Estate, Ritu offers bespoke strategies that cater to the specific marketing communications and PR needs of his clients.

His areas of expertise are vast, ranging from PR and media engagement in regions like the Middle East, UK, US, India, and South Asia, to strategic communications and brand positioning. He is adept at creating impactful content across various formats, including press articles, CEO speeches, corporate reports, and digital content strategy, alongside innovative digital marketing & new age social media strategies. With Ritu Kant Ojha's consulting service, clients can expect a tailored approach that combines industry insight with creative flair to deliver exceptional results.

Areas of Expertise

  • PR and Media Engagement: Middle East, UK, US, India & South Asia
  • Strategic Communications and Brand Positioning
  • Editorial: Press Articles, CEO Speech, Corporate Reports & Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & New Age Social Media Strategy

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