A seasoned communications strategist, Ritu Kant Ojha has over 18 years of global experience and consults multiple Fortune 500 companies. Specializing in PR & Media Relations, Financial Communications, Content & Brand Positioning, and ESG & Sustainability, he is proficient in reputation-building, media planning, digital marketing, and C-suite positioning. Ritu is an expert in crafting and disseminating compelling narratives across various audio-visual mediums. His background includes hands-on journalism experience with leading media brands and speaking engagements at prominent global forums.

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Brands Ritu Kant Ojha Worked For

  1. Burson Cohn & Wolfe - a WPP company (Dubai) As a senior counsel, Ritu offered strategic advice and insights across various domains including media relations, internal communications, and social media. As the co-leader of '1.5', the fastest-growing ESG advisory vertical at Asda'a BCW, he was instrumental in crafting and executing the marketing and content strategy for the Emirates NBD COP28 communications. His expertise extended to leading editorial content, where he ideated and wrote seven op-eds for financial services and ESG clients. His leadership in new business development resulted in successful pitches for high-profile clients such as Nakheel, TAQA, ENEC, Emirates NBD, and Aldar. Furthermore, he provided valuable counsel to prestigious clients like Zayed Sustainability Prize, Masdar City, Ithra by Aramco, ADNOC, and AW Rostamani, advising them on brand positioning and integrating sustainability into their core communication strategies. Ritu served as the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for multiple clients, facilitating seamless liaison with the BCW global network.
  2. Wiyld Carbon (Dubai): Director & CMO, oversaw sustainability-focused communications and digital marketing initiatives. Ritu Kant Ojha was deeply involved with a globally recognized sustainability-focused communications and digital marketing firm, offering 27 distinct services and engaging over 100 freelancers. He successfully executed performance marketing campaigns and enhanced client engagement using advanced tools and channels. His leadership skills shone as he hired, trained, and led a diverse team of over 30 professionals, including graphic designers, bloggers, video editors, and SEO experts. Ritu was instrumental in setting up comprehensive global CRM platforms for more than seven clients, meticulously developing processes for multi-channel lead generation. His expertise also extended to the creation, editing, and proofreading of over 500 B2B/B2C marketing materials, such as white papers and editorials. Furthermore, he played a key role in developing style guides and defining brand voice outlines for both internal and external communications, ensuring consistency and clarity in messaging across various platforms.
  3. Proact Brandcomm (Boston & Mumbai): From 2013 to 2020, Ritu Kant Ojha co-founded and served as a CEO of Proact BrandComm, a global financial services PR with a diverse portfolio of clients, based in Boston, Dubai, and Mumbai. Under his leadership, the firm managed over 50 clients, produced 5 reports, 2 short films, organized 35 events, and participated in over 80 conferences, leading to more than 2000 media coverages. He counseled over 100 CXOs across various industries on communication strategies and brand positioning. A significant achievement was launching the Smart Cities Council in India, where he led marketing campaigns and event design, establishing a strong market presence. He developed integrated, multi-geographical communications strategies for major clients like Aditya Birla Capital, LeadSquared, ICICI Pru AMC, and Lenddo, enhancing their global outreach. His efforts led to an 8%-15% increase in customer growth for 11 clients through PR and marketing turnaround programs. He also facilitated strategic alliances for 7 clients, including a leading FinTech's acquisition by NewsCorp.
  4. Bajaj Capital (New Delhi): Ritu Kant worked from 2011 to 2013 as the Associate Vice President of PR, Branding & Communications of India's leading financial advisory firm, Bajaj Capital. He led brand building initiatives and digital content revamps. He launched a group-wide repositioning strategy, marking the company's 50th anniversary. His efforts revamped three group websites, enhancing branding, content, and user experience. This resulted in an 8% growth in consumer retention and double-digit user growth in the Financial Services vertical. Website traffic increased by 24%, leading to a 20% rise in lead generation in the Real Estate vertical. He also redesigned CSR strategies and created a philanthropy strategy from scratch, including fund-raising campaigns. Furthermore, he recruited, trained, and led a team of 14 in marketing communications, showcasing his leadership and strategic vision in corporate communications.
  5. The Indian Express (New Delhi): Assistant Editor, transformed Real Estate pages and lead business reporting. During his tenure at The Indian Express, Ritu Kant Ojha transformed the Real Estate pages and created a significant media event IP. He was invited to cover prestigious global realty events in Singapore and Hong Kong. He broke over 30 cutting-edge news stories in real estate and equity markets and penned more than 100 opinion pieces in two years. Leading a team of six business reporters covering aviation, real estate, and smart cities, he successfully revamped the weekly personal finance pages, expanding readership by 5%. His role also included leading special assignments for the newspaper in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  6. Bloomberg (Mumbai & New Delhi): Principal Correspondent and Head – Real Estate & Finance, produced popular business feature shows. At Bloomberg, Ritu was the Principal Correspondent and Head of Real Estate & Finance. He produced India’s highly rated business feature show on real estate and personal finance, "Smart Money," which became a cult favourite in the personal finance space. Ritu led business reporting for critical financial institutions and regulatory bodies, including the Finance Ministry, PFRDA, IRDA, SEBI, AMFI, and CREDAI. He interviewed top executives from the World Bank, United Nations, and IMF and was responsible for over 50 broadcast news features on a wide range of topics like Budget, FMCG, IPOs, and startups, including daily live prime-time reporting. Additionally, he played a key role in generating sales through corporate tie-ups, contributing to deals totalling USD 2.5 million.
  7. CNBC TV18 (Mumbai): As a Producer for equity market shows at CNBC TV18, Ritu managed over 200 episodes of ‘Morning Bazaar,’ a highly-rated daily flagship show with a global audience. He conceptualized and produced special shows during critical periods such as the US sub-prime crisis and global financial meltdown. Leading a team of six, he ensured the smooth flow of business news under high-pressure conditions.
  8. Star News (Mumbai & New Delhi): In his role at Star News, Ritu Kant worked as a Senior Correspondent & Associate Producer and covered equity markets and mutual funds in Mumbai and Delhi. He conceptualised and produced four news feature shows, achieving over 18 TRP for 45 consecutive weeks for a mutual fund show that he created and produced from start to finish. He launched an interactive platform engaging over 10 million viewers worldwide and executed investor camps in 21 cities, a first for any news channel.

Education & Toolkit

Ritu Kant Ojha's academic and professional training is a blend of management, journalism, and digital expertise. He completed an Executive Management Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India, where he gained advanced skills in strategic management and leadership. Ritu also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Jagran Institute of Management, Noida, India, equipping him with essential media communication techniques. His foundational education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Lucknow, India, providing him with a solid understanding of economic and political frameworks. Beyond his formal education, Ritu is well-versed in digital marketing, holding proficiency in Google Ads and Analytics, SEO, SEM, SMM, and CRM & Automation. His technical acumen extends to advanced web tools and metrics, including proficiency in WordPress, Shopify, Segment, Twilio, and Airtable, which underpin his comprehensive approach to digital strategies and solutions.

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